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The most important component to a consistent water well is the pump. Simply put, it gets the water from the ground to your glass. Shidler & Wilder Wells & Pumps sells, installs and services a wide variety of pumps, time-tested to work at peak efficiency with the Petersburg area's unique water table and geological features.


If you're not getting the amount or quality of water you should be getting from your well, give us a call and we'll be right over. Water is life, and you shouldn't have to put yours on hold.

Jet vs. submersible pumps

Your property's water supply, namely the depth of your well, will determine whether we install a jet pump or a submersible pump. Shallower water tables usually require a jet pump. For deeper water tables, we usually recommend submersible pumps.


Advantages of submersible pumps:

  -   Cheaper to install

  -   Less horsepower required to deliver water (energy savings)

  -   No suction problems, lower maintenance

  -   No freezing problems, no pump house required

When water doesn't flow, we hustle

With proper preparation and choosing the right pump for your needs, your well should provide good quality water without interruption. If it doesn't, call us. We can usually get your water flowing again the very same day.  

Buying property? Call to schedule an on-site water survey.

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“My old pump went bad. They replaced it with a new one so quickly!"

– Gerold D.

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